In some people, the pointer of the scale just does not seem to want to move up, although they regularly nibble chocolate and eat hamburgers and usually do not follow a diet. If people are slim, it does not mean that they have to harass themselves and are constantly busy with diets. How they do that? Well, usually it is associated with a healthy general lifestyle in which especially sufficient exercise is crucial. After all, well-developed muscles require a lot of energy to sustain themselves, even at rest.

Sitting a lot is disastrous for the figure

As people study, they usually do a lot of sport and exercise every day. But if they then get a job and end up in the everyday hustle and bustle of the business world, they weigh ten, fifteen kilos more in no time. The many sitting is a figure killer par excellence. We are often behind the computer, often eat our meals in between at the desk and after a day full of work-related stress, there is often also a bar of chocolate on the couch to relax. Usually this is also combined with a glass of wine and a delicacy of pizza delivery. For sports, the fut is simply missing at that moment.

Moving and healthy eating will make the pounds disappear

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It is important to break that pattern and to drastically change your lifestyle. Buy an exercise bike, for example, or force yourself to walk half an hour every evening, despite your scarce free time. Taking the stairs instead of the lift or on the bike instead of in the car has a positive effect on surplus kilos. And instead of chocolate, transfer to a piece of fruit, eat cereal with yogurt instead of sweet sandwiches.

Drink a lot of water

Appetite and dehydration are often confused because the body issues similar signals. Instead of doing away with any hunger for food, it can help to drink a few sips. That makes it easier to get or stay slim.

Fasting and eating delicious foods radically, is harmful to the body

Radically renouncing all tasty foods is harmful to the body. It is therefore important to listen to the body and sometimes give it what it wants. At the time a pizza or a piece of chocolate is allowed, but the total balance must be correct.

Adjust in time if you threaten to fall into your old lifestyle again

Slender people usually do not fast and certainly do not turn away from good food or a good glass of wine in their time. But they do so in moderation and try to quickly compensate moments of weakness again. Indicates the pointer of the scale occasionally the wrong way, then send immediately. Do not be afraid to pamper yourself, but keep in mind again on time. Correcting two kilos is easier than 15 kilos.

Slim people are not constantly on a diet

Slim people usually do not get slim by following a crash diet: they slowly change their lifestyle habits. That is a better way to become slim and stay. Drastic reduction of caloric intake leads to the notorious “yo-yo effect. Slim people are not constantly on a diet , they usually eat no less, but different: for example regular and well-filling meals instead of snacks in between. More grains and high fiber foods, but less fat and fast food.