Royal jelly or royal jelly is a jelly-like mixture that is produced in the jaw glands of worker bees and that the queen of the colony is fed. Royal jelly is also extracted for use in supplements for human consumption. The very nutritious product finds its application in people who suffer from anemia, fatigue, stress, overwork, depression, Pfeiffer’s disease, menopausal complaints or hard healing wounds. It is available in capsules as well as drinking ampoules.

What is royal jelly or royal jelly?

Royal jelly is known by different names such as royal jelly , gelee royal , royal jelly, royal milk and royal jelly. It is a jelly-like mixture that is produced in the jaw glands of young worker bees. It is also considered as one of most rich foods from nature and even as a ‘product of alchemy between the plant and animal kingdom’. Royal jelly – that besides the nectar from the jaw glands of the worker bees consists of pollen and honey – contains a lot of important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes.

Royal jelly is very important for bees. At the birth of a bee there is no difference between bees that eventually become queen (the fertile female in the colony) or work bee. That a larva eventually grows into a queen is determined by the diet with royal jelly. Because the worker bees continue to feed the queen of their colony with this jelly, the queen builds up a huge resistance. She also lives much longer than the rest of the bees in her colony. It also gives her the energy to produce more than her own bodyweight in eggs during her fertile period.

Although relatively little scientific research has been done into the effectiveness of royal jelly in 2018, promising results have been achieved. For example, according to Japanese research from 2012, the psychological health of healthy subjects had improved significantly after six months of use of royal jelly ( Morita, H., et al, 2012 ). About this research was published in the leading scientific journal Nutrition Journal. Moreover, Japanese research from 2018 found good results in the field of combating menopausal complaints, including stress, fatigue and low back pain ( Asama, T. et al., 2018 ).

Use with a diet

Royal jelly is also used by people who follow a diet and therefore have a greatly reduced nutritional intake. The reason for this is that royal jelly is low in calories but contains many essential nutrients.

Not suitable for infants
Royal jelly is – like many other bee products – not suitable for infants. The intestinal flora of children under the age of 1 year has not been developed so far that it can process honey or royal jelly. As a result, they run the risk of incurring food poisoning or even botulism . Because this can have very serious consequences, it is strongly advised not to give royal children royal jelly or honey.


Royal jelly or royal jelly can be taken as a supplement in the form of capsules or drink ampoules . In capsule form it is available, among others, from the Lucovitaal, Manuka, Arkocaps, Michel Merlet, SNP, Lizareal, Orthovitaal and Mattisson brands. Drinking ampoules are available from the brands Arkopharma, Arko Royal and Herborist. Royal jelly is also available in combination with other products such as propolis or ginseng.