How Much Does a Steel Pier Foundation Cost?

steel pier foundation cost

Pier and beam foundations can be quite expensive, especially if they need to be repaired or underpinned. In fact, this type of repair work is generally more costly than slabjacking due to the difficulty of working in the cramped crawl space underneath these types of homes. If left untreated, a faulty pier and beam foundation can cause serious problems for your home.

There are a variety of FCS steel pier foundations that cost  these types of foundations. However, the most common method is called reshimming and involves moving beams or joists with wooden pieces (called shims) to fill gaps and stabilize the foundation. This can cost an average of $1,500 to $5,500 for the entire repair project.

Preserving the Past: Historical Foundation Repair and Restoration

Another way to repair a pier and beam foundation is to use push piers. These are specially designed piers that are driven into the soil beneath a settled slab and then connected to the foundation with special brackets to stabilize and, in some cases, raise the slab back to its original position. This is a more permanent solution to foundation settlement and usually comes with a lifetime warranty from the contractor.

One other way to solve these types of issues is with concrete piers. This involves drilling into the ground and driving steel piers into the earth to stabilize and underpin the foundation. However, these piers are more expensive than reshimming and the installation process is much more difficult due to the need for excavation and potentially working in wet or frozen soil conditions.

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