How Does a Temporary Workers Agency Work in France?

If you are looking for temporary workers in France, there are many agencies you can choose from. Comment fonctionne une agence d interim, they are permitted to recruit employees in France. This article will explore the different types of temporary employment and why you should consider hiring an agency. It will also tell you how the temporary workers are paid, and how they can benefit your business. In addition, you’ll learn how to get the best deal.

Little Known Ways To How Does A Temporary Workers Agency Work In France?

First, you’ll want to look at the legal protections offered to agency workers. The laws provide high levels of protection – about the same as permanent employees – but the difficulty comes in implementing these rights. As an agency worker, you don’t have the benefits of collective bargaining, and you’re unlikely to be able to make any significant demands on your own. Another challenge is that there aren’t many trade unions in France for temporary workers.

While a TAW agency in France must register with the Ministry of Labour and Employment, it can work without a license. It can offer TAW services as well as other services, but it should not be its main activity. In January 2005, a law was passed that permitted it to operate as an umbrella company, but that bill has been redrafted. That could change. Until then, French temporary workers agencies are only allowed to provide temporary labor to other companies.

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