House Boat Hires by the Murray River Authority

Houseboat hire murray river sa by the Murray River Authority is a popular option for tourists and locals alike. Houseboating allows tourists to sample not one but many of Australia’s natural wonders including lakes, rivers, wildlife and scenic coastlines, as well as their culture and community. A houseboat can take visitors to historic towns, cultural villages, beaches, inland lakes, or they can visit scenic river sections.

How to House Boat Hires by the Murray River Authority

houseboat hire murray river sa


There are plenty of houseboats in and around Murray River Gorge for tourists to sample. Many houseboats have amenities such as WiFi, cooking facilities, and TV. However, most houseboats require at least one cook, and usually two to accommodate larger groups. When choosing your houseboat hire by the Murray River Authority, inquire about any special needs that the boat may have. For example, some houseboats may not be suitable for overnight accommodations due to the large number of passengers, while others are only suitable for day-long excursions.

Typically, houseboat hire by the Murray River Authority costs between one hundred and five hundred dollars for an entire trip. Your group will be responsible for all meals, including board and lodging, and transportation to the boat. Rates are subject to change on a regular basis, so be sure to check for information regularly. If you’re looking to hire a boat for a special event, such as a wedding cruise, consider hiring a houseboat on a regular basis to ensure availability.

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