Heavy Duty Casters

A heavy duty caster is typically used in material handling or construction applications. Typically attached to the bottom of a cart, dollies, or other equipment, a heavy duty caster offers better support than a standard flanged wheel. In addition, the larger diameter allows the caster to increase the load capacity of the cart. This increases the efficiency of the work environment.

How much weight can you put on casters?

Heavy duty casters can also be found in rigid models, which feature reinforced 3/8″ x 5″ plate steel legs. These durable casters are made to be more resistant to corrosive environments. Typical applications for these casters include in-plant trailers, dollies, and warehouse carts.

The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series is a new caster. It features new tooling and dies, swivel technology, and a larger top plate. With double ball raceways, these casters offer smooth swivel motion and strength.

Hamilton’s Champion Casters are designed to provide exceptional performance and dependable service. They are known for their wide selection of caster wheel sizes, as well as their high quality, heavy-duty drop forged steel swivel construction.

Heavy-duty casters are made to handle a wide range of weights. To make a successful purchase, it is important to consider the application and the load capacity of the casters. Additionally, the terrain and floor conditions need to be considered.

Forged steel casters are the best option for corrosive environments. Polyurethane bonded to cast iron is a good choice for a wide range of uses. Both of these materials are durable and offer quiet operation. Nylon is a lighter material that is less expensive.

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