Epoxy Flooring – How a Melbourne Epoxy Flooring Tasker Can Transform Your Ugly, Worn-Out Floors Into a Smooth, Modern Surface

Epoxy is a resin-based concrete coating that’s applied to new and existing floor surfaces. It’s a durable, hardwearing solution that can be tinted to any colour & is resistant to fire, water & chemicals. It can be used in industrial and commercial spaces, including mechanic shops, car parks & warehouses. It’s also suitable for use in the home, especially in the garage, workshop or rumpus room.

Do epoxy floors smell?

A professional Tasker can transform your ugly, worn-out concrete floors into a smooth, modern surface that’s easy to clean and hygienic. Taskers can also add a non-slip finish to protect against slips & accidents and keep your family members safe. Melbourne epoxy flooring is an aesthetically pleasing option, with a range of colours & finishes that can be blended into your home’s aesthetic or make a bold statement.

Taskers can use a range of tools to remove the dirt, dust & oil from your floor before applying the epoxy. They’ll then use a concrete grinder to open up the surface and prep it for the application of the epoxy. If you’re worried whether your floor is ready for an epoxy coating, pour a little bit of water onto the surface. If it beads up rather than soaking in, the floor is likely sealed and won’t be suitable for an epoxy coating.

Once your tasker has prepped the surface, they’ll apply a base coat to seal the floor. Once the base coat has set, they’ll add a clear or solid colour epoxy. They may also use a decorative or polyurethane finish for an attractive and hardwearing finish.

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