Deterring Squirrels From Garden Plants

There are a number of all-natural tricks and homemade recipes for deterring squirrels from garden plants. Cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, and peppermint oil all work well in repelling squirrels. Spreading a layer of coffee grounds around the garden can also be helpful, as the smell will ward them off. A spray made from crushed soap and water is another option, though it should be reapplied after rain. Some gardeners also use predator urine, as squirrels are wary of the smell and will avoid areas where it is present.

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It is important to remove the things that attract squirrels in the first place, including fallen seeds, nuts, fruit and bulbs. Regularly cleaning up your yard can help prevent this, and it will also keep other unwanted pests out of the yard.

Another step is to put up physical barriers on the ground and in raised garden beds. There are squirrel-proof bird feeders on the market that can help, and a variety of covers can be used to protect individual plant beds. These can include summer weight row covers, chicken wire or plastic netting. Adding baffles to existing bird feeders can be a great way to keep squirrels away from them. Motion-activated sprinklers, which squirt water when squirrels are near, can be a good option too.

Many gardeners also turn to visual deterrents, including traditional scarecrows and decoys of birds of prey such as owls and falcons. These can be placed in the garden, or high up in trees, to scare the squirrels away from the garden.

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