Dentures and Gum Infections – The Link Between Dentures and Infections

Most people think that dentures, whether over-the-counter or dental implants, are the main cause of gum disease. This is a common misconception, because it doesn’t take much for your new plastic teeth to cause you sore gums. Believe it or not, the salt in many of our foods, particularly the sea salts we sprinkle on our salads and other foods, can actually cause your gums to become irritated and infected. If this is the case, then using Dentures Cause Gum Infection could be the perfect solution to your dilemma.

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All you need to do to make sure that your dentures don’t cause your mouth sore gums is rinse them twice a day with warm salt water. For dentures that you will be using for a long time, it’s best to rinse them as often as possible, as the salt water rinses the dentures down deep, which is how bacteria build up in your mouth, causing mouth sores. This is also why it’s important to floss before you go to bed: if you floss before you go to bed, the plaque will likely be washed away during the night, leaving you fresh and clean in the morning. So, if you have dentures that are too uncomfortable for you to brush, or dentures that need to be rubbed down, make sure you rinse them off completely and thoroughly in salty water, and then put them away. You’ll find that this will eliminate any plaque build up and sore gums from previous dental work.

Dentures aren’t the only source of bacteria-filled pockets that can harbor bacteria and cause infections-gum disease is caused by bacteria and salt. By taking care of your dentures, you can ward off gum disease and protect your new dentures. To do this, rinse them thoroughly every day with warm salt water. To help fight gum disease, it’s also a good idea to eat small amounts of yogurt or unsweetened cranberry juice on a daily basis. Drinking water with baking soda is another great way to keep your mouth refreshed.

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