Choosing Casters For Carpet Floors

If you have carpeted floors, you need to get the right carpet casters. These casters come in many different materials and sizes. They should fit your furniture and other accessories well. You can also choose from different tread types.

What is the difference between a wheel and a caster?

If you are moving a heavy piece of furniture, then you want to get the right casters. A good caster should be durable and support the weight of the item. Buying the wrong caster can cause a lot of damage to your floor. Find out :

The best casters will have high-quality wheels and fittings. They can help ensure your carpet is safe and that you can move it with ease.

Depending on your needs, you can get a single or dual wheel caster. Usually, the larger the wheel, the better. It will create less of a dip on your carpet.

Casters with ball bearings will allow you to roll over rough surfaces. They are great for equipment and office chairs. Some casters feature advanced swivel options for more comfort.

Carpet casters are usually made from hard rubber or polyurethane. This material is able to withstand frequent impacts without cracking. Nylon is another good material for casters.

Softer materials will get stuck on high pile carpets. For this reason, casters with hard treads are better for carpeted floors. Hard casters are also more durable. However, they may not be able to handle the amount of force required to move a heavy piece of furniture.

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