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Architects Sutherland Shire is based in Cronulla and have been award numerous times for their design work. “Based in Australia, Architects Sutherland Shire has been award several prestigious national awards including the Queens Awards, Walkley Awards, Royal Society of Arts Awards and the Commonwealth Business Award. Established in 2021, Couvaras Architects has grown into a world-leader in sustainable architecture and green building, particularly in metropolitan cities. “We are a small, highly team-based, practice, with a strong, confident, creative approach, grounded in a desire to create buildings that not only perform well, but also deliver an environmental aspect,” says Matthew James, managing director of Couvaras Architects. “We are constantly striving for greater efficiency through our use of green technologies and sustainable methods, as these have proven effective in reducing our environmental impact whilst also delivering excellent value.”

Architects and Design

Among their many award-winning projects are two residential buildings in both Sutherland Shire and Hobart City, the NZ Cultural Centre and Gallery, and the Transport Accommodation Building in Picton. The award-winning Architecture from NZ firm of Couvaras Architects in both cities, Architects Sutherland Shire/GVA, was selected by Zaha Hadid Architects in 2021 for its contribution to the development of Hobart Central Station. “The role of an architect in the design of a station is crucial, and it is pleasing to see Zaha Hadid and Couvaras Architects continue their excellent work on such a beautiful site,” said Managing Director of Zaha Hadid Architects, Nick Cairns. “It’s pleasing to know we have two architects who are working together to bring a new train station to Hobart.” Zaha had also planned the extension of its existing Park Road store into the newly-renovated Central Park Road. The Gallery Building will feature flexible retail space and provides a facility for artist and cultural pursuits through its roof garden.

In the past, the company has employed several artists and established art workshops, contributing to its reputation as one of New Zealand’s pioneering architectural firms. This group of talented individuals came together under the auspices of Graphic Designers Associations (GAAS) and Creative Arts for Social change (CASS), which is a non-profit organization supporting local small businesses. The group includes over 50 architects and designers, many of whom have been established in their own careers and others who started out in the community and have honed their skills at the same venue. The group has helped launch over 20 community and business projects since inception and continues to be an active contributor to charity and community activities. The Architects Sutherland Shire/GVA group continues to employ a number of talented people, while simultaneously building on its solid foundation of talent, vision, creativity and innovation.

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