AI Tools for Filmmaking

Several ai tools have hit the market that make it easier to create visually-striking content, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and more. Some of these are designed to replace the user, but most help save time and increase productivity by performing repetitive tasks.

Fostering Innovation: The Potential of AI Tools in Research and Development

Generative AI is the hot new thing in video production, with applications in everything from rotoscoping to high-end VFX work. Adobe Sensei, for example, powers a number of visual-effects tools in the company’s Creative Cloud suite, including auto-reframing in Premiere Pro and content-aware fill in After Effects. Similarly, Autodesk’s Flame offers features like auto rotoscoping and smart segmentation that drastically cut down the amount of manual labor required for high-end VFX.

Another great use of AI in filmmaking is the creation of generative music. With these tools, you simply provide a description of the type of song you want to compose, such as the genre, instruments that will be used, and a sample of vocals, and the tool produces royalty-free, original AI music in seconds.

AI can also be useful for analyzing data and providing clear answers to questions that would otherwise be difficult for humans to discern. This is especially helpful for companies that deal with large amounts of data, such as banks and insurance providers, to detect fraud and prevent wasteful activities like duplicate payments or unbundling—the practice of billing for individual steps of a medical procedure as separate procedures. AI can also provide an extra layer of security by detecting anomalies in patterns of behavior that could indicate potential hacking or other types of malicious activity.

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