As we age, our cognitive functions decrease. Fortunately, there are tricks to slow the aging process of your brain. Read below how to do that!

Eat your brain healthy

From a large study of science journal Neurology, it appears that a deficiency of omega 3 can lead to memory loss in later life. Eat enough fish (full of omega 3) for a healthy brain.

brain health

Challenge yourself

“Regular mental challenges keep you focused,” says physician Constantine Lyketsos. If you train your memory regularly with games and thinking assignments, you strengthen the connection between neurons in your brain. This way they remain active and are easy to use.

Protect your rikketik

People with an increased risk of heart disease – even if they are only 35 years old – scored half of them lower on cognitive tests than people who had less risk of heart problems. “The factors that cause impaired cognition – smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle – are the same factors that pose risks to heart problems,” says Eric Topol, Men’s Health Adviser in Cardiology.

Read more often

Turn off that TV and grab a book. By reading you increase your concentration, which is important in a healthy aging process of the brain.

Train your memory

By exercising regularly intensively, you protect your brain. Certain cardio ensures smooth blood vessels and connections, which are essential in healthy brain function. As you get older, you stiffen and harden blood vessels. By a regular cardio workout you slow down this process.

Go outside

Non-stop at work, your brain is slowly but surely expanding. Go out regularly for a walk so that your brain can recover from the effort. You do not even have to search outside for hours, a short moment can help your brain to “breathe” again. The best thing is to look for nature, a wooded area (a park with trees is also allowed!) Removes the worst stress.