Day: March 24, 2021

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“In Indianapolis, you only need to look at our residents to see how our city’s dental care is improving,” says Dr. Richard F. Kinney, an oral surgeon and dentist with 35 years of dental experience. “From high-end cosmetic procedures to IV sedation and implant dentistry, our resident dentist in Carmel, IN utilizes his skill and training to ensure that you get the very best care possible. Dr. Kinney’s dedication to continuing education and using the latest equipment and techniques to create a one-of-a kind patient experience.” In fact, Dr. Kinney and the rest of the team at Carmel Indianapolis Dental Office are constantly seeking out new ways to provide the highest level of care while saving residents’ time and money.


“I’m thrilled to welcome Richard and all of our new and returning patients to the wonderful world of Carmel Indiana,” says Dr. Frank P. Gill, Board Certified Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery. “I am delighted to see that all of Richard’s patients have had significant improvements in their smile and overall appearance. From simple tooth extractions to complex tooth implant procedures, Richard’s skill and attention to detail leave my patients satisfied.” Of course, every patient has different needs and we strive to work closely with our patients to design a treatment plan that will work well for them.


If you are interested in this a top-rated dentist 46260 and the practice he performs, schedule a consultation to determine if this fits your needs. You can either schedule an initial visit in person or make an appointment for an office visit. When you meet with him, be sure to let him know what type of procedure you are interested in; this will help him evaluate your oral health and determine how best to perform your procedure. Your comfort level will play a vital role in the outcome of your procedure. After your initial visit, you will then be able to determine whether or not this Indianapolis dentist is right for you.

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