Day: March 4, 2021

Close Protection Services LondonClose Protection Services London

Close protection London services are provided by the Special Constabulary (SO) which is a part of the British army. The SOP provides close protection for people and property in times of extreme danger such as terrorism attacks, political demonstrations and violent clashes between police and protesters. For instance, during the G8 summit in June 2021, a car bomb exploded outside the hotel where the G8 summit was taking place, close to the gates. A group of about thirty people were inside the car at the time and they were trapped while the bomb went off, fortunately, all were unharmed despite the intense noise and smoke. Click here to read more –

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The role of the close protection services in London has evolved over the years. In the initial years, the SO’s main job was to safeguard the president, his family and close associates. In the recent past, with the increased threat level for the UK from international terrorism, the SO’s job profile has changed to that of a protective force, especially for the London Olympics in 2021. The reason for this is that the Olympics represents the perfect opportunity for the authorities to increase security measures around the city, especially after the huge security operation and the large number of security personnel and police officers is deployed to help keep Olympic visitors safe.

As a professional close protection security provider, the Specialist Police Officers (SPO) that the London Olympic Security Trust has selected to protect the Olympics’ premises should be well trained and well equipped with high tech gadgets and equipment. These gadgets and equipment should include bullet-proof vests and non-lethal weapons, body armour, and helmets. This is in order to ensure the safety of the people who will be attending the Olympics and to provide the necessary protection to the venues and the athletes. For instance, during the G8 summit, the police were criticized for using too many resources to control the crowds. However, the London Olympic Trust has employed the close protection services London to guarantee the safety of the site and the delegates.

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