Day: June 22, 2018

6 Tips To Keep Your Brain Healthy

As we age, our cognitive functions decrease. Fortunately, there are tricks to slow the aging process of your brain. Read below how to do that!

Eat your brain healthy

From a large study of science journal Neurology, it appears that a deficiency of omega 3 can lead to memory loss in later life. Eat enough fish (full of omega 3) for a healthy brain.

brain health

Challenge yourself

“Regular mental challenges keep you focused,” says physician Constantine Lyketsos. If you train your memory regularly with games and thinking assignments, you strengthen the connection between neurons in your brain. This way they remain active and are easy to use.

Protect your rikketik

People with an increased risk of heart disease – even if they are only 35 years old – scored half of them lower on cognitive tests than people who had less risk of heart problems. “The factors that cause impaired cognition – smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle – are the same factors that pose risks to heart problems,” says Eric Topol, Men’s Health Adviser in Cardiology.

Read more often

Turn off that TV and grab a book. By reading you increase your concentration, which is important in a healthy aging process of the brain.

Train your memory

By exercising regularly intensively, you protect your brain. Certain cardio ensures smooth blood vessels and connections, which are essential in healthy brain function. As you get older, you stiffen and harden blood vessels. By a regular cardio workout you slow down this process.

Go outside

Non-stop at work, your brain is slowly but surely expanding. Go out regularly for a walk so that your brain can recover from the effort. You do not even have to search outside for hours, a short moment can help your brain to “breathe” again. The best thing is to look for nature, a wooded area (a park with trees is also allowed!) Removes the worst stress.

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Pole Dancing As A Work-Out

In pole dancing you quickly think of half-naked dancers and strip tents. Nowadays you also find a dance pole in many gyms. Anyone who is dressed and all around, is doing pole fitness. Often you also do exercises next to the pole. This way you get a complete work-out.

Whereas other fitness forms often focus on certain muscle groups, the coordination between the different muscles plays a major role in pole fitness . In addition, techniques from traditional pole dancing are combined with gogo aerobics, gogo dancing in aerobics style.

pole dancing

A Real Sport

Dancing on and around a pole is a combination of cardio and strength training. Furthermore, your movements should naturally look graceful, smooth and streamlined. Good muscle control plays an important role in this. And that is something that requires a lot of practice.

The movements that you have to carry out and the control you need for that, ask a lot of your body. Do not think too light about pole fitness. It is not for nothing a real sport, complete with world championships.

Certainly in the beginning you will suffer from muscle pain the day after intensive training . Those who know how to overcome this will eventually be rewarded with extra strength, flexibility, rhythm and endurance.

Swinging in Groups

If you want to learn pole dancing, it is best to go to a gym . More and more sports centers have a pole fitness course on the program.

Usually there is training in small groups, accompanied by an experienced pole dancer. You will not find men so easily, because pole fitness is (still) a real women’s sport.

After a good warm-up you will learn the basic techniques of pole dancing. Social contact plays a major role during training. Your fellow students help you and encourage you.

Because everyone is watching when you are floating around the pole, some guts are nicely taken care of. A little agility can not hurt, by the way, but you do not have to be a real contortionist.

At home on the pole

Do you like it so much that you want to do it at home? Which can. You can order your own pole on the internet. From about 250 euros you have a mobile pole that you can fix between the floor and the ceiling.

For those who have more to spend, there are movable items where the pole is stuck in a small platform. Both types are easy to install and available in various lengths and for different floor and ceiling materials.

Also good instructions are of great importance in pole fitness. There are several DVDs that help you master the techniques of pole dancing. And what else is there with pole fitness? Music of course! Preferably a nice and firm beat, which gives you an extra boost.

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